Make Katalon Recorder record data input by other extension (FormFiller)

I’ve been using Kantalon Recorder & Playback mainly to avoid repeating the same boring typing & clicking of different webapp pages. I also use another Chrome extension (FormFiller) to input semi random data. However, Katalon doesn’t record the values that FormFiller has filled in.

So for this use case I don’t care about the “tests” being “repeatable”. This is my intended workflow:

  1. Manually open browser, log in to app, navigate to specific page
  2. Press Record on Katalon Recorder
  3. Press “FormFiller” button to automatically fill the form fields
  4. Manually fill in some other specific fields. Click around
  5. Save the test case

I’d use Katalon Studio data-driven tests feature, but because it only playback from a “new browser window” I can’t use my current session (Step 1 of my workflow).


  • Is there any way to make Katalon Recorder actually record the data input by FormFiller extension?
  • OR make Katalon Studio use my current Browser window?

Katalon recorder can store values that is on screen.

I use storetext option to do that.

Command: storeText
Target: locator
Value: xyz

And to use this you could do:
Command: Type

Hope it helps.