Lost all my Test cases after renaming folder

Katalon says below,

Close Katalon, and do this work in your file system.

I moved all the test cases under Test cases folder still not showing anytthing

I dont see below folder,

  • .classpath
  • .project

Kindly help,I lost all my test cases,Pls help me to recover.

Your above screenshot shows your test cases. Have you actually lost them, or they just aren’t displaying? Can you create NEW test cases in Katalon?

All of my test cases shows empty

Yes,I can create new Test cases.

Please tell me the recover steps,Is Katlon not just showing all my test caces in script and manual mode? How can i make it to show up in Manual and Script mode - Kindly help.

In your file system, your project structure should look something like this:

  • The Test Cases folder should contain a bunch of .tc files. These should be in XML format, and are not your actual scripts.
  • The Scripts folder should match the hierarchy of the Test Cases folder, and should contain a bunch of .groovy files. These are your actual scripts.

If you’ve changed the names of either of these folders, I’m not sure the expected behavior in Katalon, but your file system should reflect your changes. Katalon needs both the Test Cases and Scripts folders.

Attached screen shot from my machine,I am using Mac,How do i access the file system in my Mac,I went inside the project folder.

And also files under Scripts folder are 1KB

You ARE accessing your file system. That’s what your screenshots are from, no?

Are those .groovy files empty? Open them in a text editor.

Yes,it is empty,I opened one as below.

It has only the imports,Any ways to recover?

If the .groovy files are empty, I’m afraid not. But that’s just based on my limited knowledge. Let’s get some input from others: @Russ_Thomas @bionel @ThanhTo

No, afraid not. If the files in Scripts folder are essentially empty, I think you’re screwed.

Where does Katalon store the last compilation output? It’s clearly separate and away from dev code in the IDE…

I am still wondering how Katalon deletes the scripts from the file system? I am in process of recreating everything.Is it a bug and is there a fix for this?

I think …

In the Test Cases folder, you will find some testCaseName.tc files. Those .tc files has the contents like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

As you can see, this is a kind of meta-information generated/controlled by Katalon Studio. The Test Cases folder dos not contain Groovy scripts. Instead, Katalon Studio saves Groovy scripts (so to call, Test Cases) into the Scripts folder.

I guess, when you renamed the folder back to Test Cases, Katalon Studio found that there are some .tc files, and KS recognised those .tc files are meta-information for new Test Cases; therefore it created new minimal scripts in the Scripts folder.

Possibly, Katalon Studio did NOT delete your previous set of Groovy scripts. KS just recreated and saved new Scripts. Your previous codes in the Scripts folder were overwritten. I suppose you have no way to restore other than retyping scripts entirely.


Thanks for your clarification! Appreciate it!

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This just happened to me too. I didn’t change the name of the Test Case folder but a folder underneath it, changing a capital letter to lowercase. That left all the scripts in the folder empty except for the imports, as if they were all new files.

I checked on the filesystem and the groovy files in the scripts folder are the same, imports only.

I can’t believe that changing the name of a folder under Test Cases is expected to have that affect. Without any warning at all. So easy to lose so much work.

Sorry to hear you lost a lot.

It‘s time for you to start using Git so that you wouldn’t lose anything in future.

I create a local Git repository for each of all Katalon Studio projects for failure recovery. All projects; no exception.

Sorry to hear you lost your test cases, been there done that. This is what I do: How-to: I just lost all my test cases what do I do now?