Loosening our Tagging requirement

Hi community members, :wave:

Around a year ago we introduced the Tag system in our forum as a way to help you better manage and organize your topics. Following our forum revamp last June, the Tag system was then made mandatory for every topic created due to the simplification of the category structure (a large chunk of subcategories being turned into tags).

And while we did see increased adoption of tags in the months following the forum revamp, some long-time members of our forum have also voiced their opinions on the tagging system, saying that navigating the forum was more straightforward with the old category structure and looser tag requirement.

Hence, today we are loosening up our Tagging requirement, making it an optional part of whenever you create a topic in our forum. With that said, we still encourage you to use tag(s) to help others easily identify the subject of your topic.

Note: The Documentation subcategory’s tagging requirement will remaine the same.

The loosening of the tag requirement and our recent introduction of the Trending Topics banner also means that to now receive the best support from other members as well as our team, you would need to provide in your topic as much information as you can by following the topic below…

Note: The topic above now includes a Policy section at the end that would require you to click “Accept” to signal that you have read and thoroughly understood the topic or else you will be notified on a weekly basis until you do so. This policy will also renew itself every 180 days.

Altough this is started by @Russ_Thomas who made most of the content, it is not the Russ guide.

This must be the comunity guide and this was the intention of the author … I suppose.
Just saying …


agree with you both, I already updated the announcement. Thank you.