Looking for help with dynamic object ids

I’ve been picking up Katalon Studio recently, and I’m having a little trouble with some dynamically produced object ids

from what I can tell, the big issue is that the pane in which a whole bunch of objects are contained keeps incrementing its ID as it changes. so I get a bunch of objects whose xpath value is something like:


which is fine, but as soon as I do stuff on the page, the increments and all my objects stop working.

I’ve tried messing around with having the condition be ‘starts with’ or ‘contains’, but I usually then lose the following classes (/div[@class=“stuff”] and so on)

I’ve tried looking around for solutions and stumbled across a few things, but they’ve either not worked or required more knowledge of this platform than I have at the moment.

Apologies if this is an dumb question, but I’m really quite interested in learning how to use Katalon more effectively, and this is proving to be a bit of a hurdle.