Logout Test doesn't get executed

In my project for valid user depending on logged in users’ role menu get displayed. To validate this have created two different Test case

In TestSuite
Added Login and done the data binding (excel) here i have four users.
Added Logout

So when test suite executed Logout doesn’t get executed.

Is it set to run? (checked)


Hi @deepak_verma

If I am not mistaken, you’re expecting login and logout to be executed within the same iteration ?

Data Binding binds at individual test case level, it won’t loop through your test cases and then bind the data, at least not currently. To achieve the effect you’re looking for, try to create a “master” test case and then call the login and logout test cases in it. You can add this “master” test case into the test suite and bind the data.

Yes it is checked

Hi, @ThanhTo

Yes, i want to execute within same Iteration.

Please try the above suggestion, create a test case and then use CallTestCase to call login and logout test cases, then add the test case into a test suite to bind data into it.

Your master test case should contain variables that are used within login and logout test cases and pass these variables to them through findTestCase API. The details are specified here