Log viewer issue for test suite collections

Hello, I’m a web developer who recently found Katalon and am really liking it.

I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed that the log viewer only shows the results of the first or second test suite when executing a large test suite collection in 5.8 (observed in the previous version as well). When clicking on the eye and choosing any of the test suites executed, results are shown for the first and second alternatively and repeatedly.

I’ve made a video screencapture demonstrating this and can pm it to any administrator here if needed. OS Win 10.

If I could put in a feature request as well, would it be possible to show all test suite results in a single tree view? i.e. a tree for every test suite. It would be super useful to see all total passes/failures in one window, and expand the desired test suites that failed. The end goal would be a massive test suite collection with a result of e.g. 1000 passes and 0 failures.


I found the same issue with nothing in the log after the first run and console showing the test complete.

Fortunately the testing does appear to continue running.
I am testing using a Android emulator.

This appears to still be an issue, and also no report for the other suites are sent through to Katalon analytics.

It’s still an issue in version 7.2.1. I have a test collection including several test suites but only the first two are viewed in the log viewer. All test suites are executed though and there are reports for every test suite.

There is an eye icon dropdown in log viewer pane, from there you can select the logs per test suite

Eye icon is there:


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