Location builder order

First i would like to thank you for your work and effort. You filled the gap created when selenium couldnt be used in modern browsers.

Second i would like to ask for a feature, hopefully its not a big trouble. By default target selection is id based but is something that doesnt work in many cases when random ids are generated. However xpath works a much better. Could you add an option to select default target selection ?

Thanks in advance

Thank you for the suggestion. This feature has been available since 3.5.7. Please see the usage at https://docs.katalon.com/x/9APR.

// built-in locators: "id", "link", "name", "dom:name", // "xpath:link", "xpath:img", "xpath:attributes", "xpath:idRelative", "xpath:href", // "dom:index", "xpath:position", "css"LocatorBuilders._preferredOrder = ['xpath:position', 'id'];// Change the default order to preferredOrderLocatorBuilders._orderChanged();