Locate object by AutomationId

Is it possible to locate objects via AutomationId?

I don’t see an option for it on the Locator Strategy dropdown.


Hi @RBL,

Accessibility ID is Automation ID.

Please refer to this official document: https://github.com/Microsoft/WinAppDriver/tree/v1.0#supported-locators-to-find-ui-elements

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Can you make it so that the generator reconizes this as well.

Hi @ryan.leenay,

After capturing object, you can change the Locator Strategy to Accessibility ID and press the Generate button. Katalon Studio will help to find the correct Accessibility ID of the selected element as well.

No it does not. After clicking generate i get a bank result

If i then manually copy in the id and click highlight i does find it.

Using version 7.1.2