Loading project takes ages

When i close down Katalon i always leave the checkbox to restore the project next time i open the Katalon, when i open it then project is starting to be loaded, i found it takes a lot of time, counted myself last time was almost 15 minutes. Is there anything i can do to make it load faster? On what it depends,
RAM in the pc, cpu?

A large project would take long to build on startup.

How many Test Cases do you have in your project? Some hundreds?
How many Test Suites do you have in your project?
How many Test Objects do you have in your project?
How many Execution Profiles do you have in your project?

First you should check OS-builtin performance monitors.

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Try this:

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More than a hundread test cases for sure,
dozens of test suites,
about 500 hundread test objects,
21 executions profiles

On my Mac, I can find

  • /Applications/Katalon Studio.app/Contents/Eclipse/katalon.ini

file, where JVM memory size is specified. The default setting is this:


You can try to increase the maximum memory, e.g.


This may improve loading speed a bit. But I am not sure.

Hundreds of test cases — well, quite a lot. I have never created a project of this bigness. I suppose, it will take long to build on startup.

I guess, you have created your project using Katalon’s Web Recorder tool. Am I right?

The tool have helped you getting started with UI automated testing. That is a great success indeed. But the tool tends to generate huge number of inefficient codes with a lot of duplications. Now you want to make your test more efficient. Then you need more advanced skill of programming. You need to do Code Refactoring.

If I were you, I will read the existing Groovy source codes, will modularize them, will avoid duplications as much as possible. I will externalise data out of scripts where possible. I will transform them to less number of *.groovy files. There isn’t any magical tool that refactors hundreds of Test Cases cleverly. I will do it by thinking deep as a programmer.

I used to have 1 project with 5000 test cases. Took a morning to open it :smiley:

Why would you do that?

Was it a fun?

Similar issue was reported.

Yes, most of them i created using web recorded.
What kind of duplication are we talking about, test objects or what is it that web recorded creates that is so inefficient?


  1. Please share the .log file that Katalon Studio wrote while you experienced slow initialization.
  • Windows logs folder:
    <Katalon Studio folder>\config\.metadata\.log
  • macOS logs folder: file:///Applications/Katalon%20Studio.app/Contents/MacOS/config/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.ui.workbench/log
  1. And could you share the <projectDir>/.classpath file of your problem project?


I would recommend you to try

  1. take a full backup of your project just in case of mistakes
  2. stop Katalon Studio
  3. delete <yourProject>/.classpath file
  4. delete <yourProject>/bin directory as well
  5. delete <yourProject>/Libs directory as well
  6. restart Katalon Studio, open the project

and see

Works for me ! Thanks a lot @kazurayam !! (before : more than 90 minutes to start, now : less than 3)