Loading Project and Katalon Studio is stuck at "Generating Global Variables"



@patriciasimone.padua will be fair to tell us also how did you solve it :slight_smile: perhaps other users may be hit too


Yes, but nothing much technical. I followed the instructions above, I just went to change the permissions of every folders and files. command level and manually. Hope somehow this will help.


@patriciasimone.padua fair enough :slight_smile:


Hi all!!
I am having this problem with version 7.1.1. The fact is that if I open katalon, when I create a new project, it is blocked, as we are talking, in generating global variables. After trying all the solutions you say, it still doesn’t work.
Now, if I use the ECLIPSEC executable, it lets me create projects without problems and use record & play, the problem here is that the browser does not open when you try to run the test case. Is there any solution for those problems?
I would like to start using this application in my company, but if this problem persists it will be impossible.
Thank you and excuse my English.


I solve this problem by path with version 7.1.1,
My katalon path incould chinses characters,
after I remove the chinese characters, the problem was gone.
but its not happen with version 6.3.3.