Loading Data is Causing Errors When I added a New Column

I’ve been using data from an excel sheet with the first row selected as Header which allows me to name them and pull the data from them. It worked for the first two headers, but the third header causes it to fail completely.

I’ve tested different names, i’ve verified the code from the other data loads are the same except for names and it still fails. I tried to change from excel to internal database thing that is from inside Katalon figuring that’d make it easier, it loades the first two without issue, and the third fails again.


Note it all works until it hits - equipName = searchData.internallyGetValue(‘equipName’, 1)

Note the data is stored with the headers being the same as variables so it’s easy to track them for me, i’ve tried changing the name of the header, i’ve tried excel and internal, and they are in my “Data Files”.


Note it loads the data into a variable, and it finds first and last name, but equip doesn’t work.

Data File (Internal):

You have a typo in method name :slight_smile: interally instead of internally

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Gah!! I swore I copy pasted it at one point, that must have been rolled back at some point.

I’ve been looking at this for days, i’ve rewritten excel sheets, and swapped to Katalon internal just to figure it out… I guess operators are no longer my worst enemy.

Thanks for the good eye, feel free to flag this answered.