[Live walkthrough] Create, Execute, and Manage Test Scripts on Katalon

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Are you a manual tester who has just began dipping your toes in automation testing and is still unsure of where to start? Or are you a seasoned tester who is considering an automation framework and tool that may improve your daily testing workflow and efficiency?

Join us on May 2, 2023 at 11:30 AM (ET) as we demonstrate an end-to-end testing flow and how easy is it for you to create and run automated test cases using the Katalon Platform. You will also be able to check out some of Katalon’s smart features to help you and your team deliver world-class digital experiences with ease.


Key takeaways

• Have a basic understanding of how to use the Katalon Platform to implement test automation.
• Learn 3 ways to create and run automated tests, review test results, and manage your test cases.
• Check out other highlighted features such as Self-healing, Data-driven Testing, Smart wait, and more.
• Q&A section with our guest speaker where you can learn more about her experiences.

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Meet our speakers

Kalpana Kukreja - Test Consultant at Rapid Circle Vaibhav Jain - Partner Solution Engineer at Katalon
Kalpana Kukreja is a test consultant at Rapid Circle. She is a Katalon-certified professional who strives to deliver bug-free products to customers. She is a big-time explorer and loves to try her hands on various testing domains and testing tools. She has a good hold on Functional, Automation, API and Accessibility testing. She believes in practices like test automation, continuous delivery, and building correct strategies in order to add value to quality testing. Apart from being a 9–5 tester, she is a literary person who writes short stories, blogs, and poetry. She has also collaborated with different brands and written blogs and website content for them. Vaibhav Jain has over 11 years of experience in the software testing industry in multiple roles as responsible for the assurance, management and association of automation using multiple automation tools. At Katalon, he is a solution engineer to help partners/customers obtain empowerment with katalon and helped them with technical challenges.

As mentioned above, there will also be a Q&A section with Kalpana where you can learn more about her experiences as a Test Consultant, as well as ask her about tips & tricks when using the Katalon Platform. We will be collecting questions within this thread so feel free to comment your questions below :point_down:

Did you know that Kalpana is also an instructor on Katalon Academy? At the time of writing, she has published the following courses:

Kalpana also participated in our first-ever Virtual India Meetup on December 13, 2022. Check out this topic for more details and to see the list of Q&A in said session.

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Just wondering if you guys could show a demo of data-driven testing within the live walkthrough? Thanks!

I’m new to Katalon Studio, how can I enable/disable smart wait at runtime or through script?

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Just wondering which platform, and scripting language do you guys support at the moment?

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How can we disable the self-healing feature?

Hi folks, we have published the answers to your questions in the thread below, be sure the check them out!