List of Web technologies supported by Katalon

Does katalon studio Supports GWT applications…? And may i know the list of web technologies supported by katalon?

Our team has been using Katalon for about a year on a GWT application. It works but only by building object repository by hand. The record and playback doesn’t work with GWT.

The current challenge is with gwt-tree. I would like to capture the object and use native gwt methods from the gwt jar but I have yet to figure out how to create a tree reference from a web object. Katalon Test Object doesn’t work not that I really expected it to. Test Object is different than a gwt Tree object but I don’t know how I can create the object reference. If anyone knows then please tell me how. :slight_smile:

UFT One, formerly QuickTestPro and Smartbear TestComplete are better tools but they also cost considerably more. I know both of those tool can locate objects using their proprietary “Object Model”. With the object model, I can execute native commands directly against the object. For example, a java object table supports java methods like row or column. The same is likely possible with gwt but I don’t know for sure. If you are looking for a good tool, I would start with UFT One. If it supports gwt then it would be no brainer if I could choose tools over again. The productivity with Katalon is low and the support team is often non-responsive so I would look at other tools.

For the price point, Katalon works well if the record/playback works on your application. I know many complain about the price or that it was free and now they are charging for features. I would be upset too if I built my practice around a free product and it was no longer free.

-Pro price
-Con web technology support (for me)
-Pro/Con Support is accessible but not always responsive

Hi there

See the document of supported technologies by Katalon Studio. I don’t know it’s a bit late for you to find the answer, but I hope others come to this thread still find what they need.