List for TestData

I have a Test Case that have a object with a relation one to many, how to set up Test Case and the Test Data to represent that relation and populate my Test Case with a list of the many entities?

Attached is the sample project for your case. Please refer to test suite: TS_DataDrivenTest which will best demonstrate for your case.

The basic solution is:

Create a Test Data (Excel_Account in my example) which contains a list of test data to be used in your test case.
Set ‘Test Data’ settings in the test suite using created Test Data.

=> When the test suite is executed, the test case will use variables in test data for multiple execution. So you don’t need to generate it in your test case.

I looked that link before could not realize how to do that, there’s a possibility to create an example of how to generate the set of variable for a test case with a list of persons with first name and last name?

You need to define it in ‘Test Data’ settings of the Test Suite. Here is the documentation page which will help you:

Do you guys realize how many times the reply is repeated?

All links provided for help in this thread are dead. Is there any way I can look into how to solve this today?

Hello @sstream

For full instructions of Data-Driven Testing with Katalon Studio, please refer to this document in which you will find a detailed manual for each component.

Should you still have any concerns, feel free to reply.