Linux UI, method dropdown bug


I’m using Ubuntu 18.04 to test out Katalon Studio, and there are a few UI bugs that are causing some problems on a dark theme (Adwaita-dark selected in Gnome-Tweaks).

Most apps appear to adapt to this change rather well, including Katalon, but there are a few areas where this isn’t the case.

  • The HTTP verb selection dropdown (get, post, put, etc.) has white text on a white background when trying to add a new REST request.
  • The request history control panel (showing a “History” label, as well as a Save and Delete button) is light gray on white.

Could these be corrected to adapt to the theme like most of the UI does?

I also noticed that it seems random whether the UI shows up in a dark theme or not. I tried changing this by enabling theming in Window > Katalon Studio Preferences > General > Appearance, but unfortunately I can’t guarantee that the state is actually saved because of the feedback popup issue I filed as well.

I can confirm that, regardless of the actual theme loaded with the UI, the method dropdown still shows white on white.

Scratch that, it looks like enabling the “Use mixed fonts and colors for labels” option in General > Appearance allows the UI to show in a dark theme. Still a white on white dropdown.