Linking a check box to a row in a table

I need to check a checkbox which is linked to a row in a table which is containing some data and on checking that checkbox , the whole row retrieving all the data of the row should be selected, and if I am performing any function like deleting ,it should delete particular row , and also data at backend.
I tried by capturing the check box but the check box is itself not identified.
Please help.

Same issue for me too,

Same issue for me too. Is there anyone help us? please

same issue for me, anyone for help?

What is the checkbox written in? If it is Angular.js, Knockout.js, vue.js etc it may be that the value is stored in a hidden object.

Can you find it using developer options (F12) in the browser? If you can, can you get the id?

If you can you could use selenium webdriver object methods to interact with it.