Libs directory in source control

Are there any reasons the Libs directory should be in source control?

I would like to be able to pull the changes made by other team members and not have the status of the files in Libs be updated after running the tests, but wanted to make sure there weren’t any drawbacks to leaving this directory out of source control.

I once had a discussion how .gitignore file should be for a Katalon Project: .gitignore template for Katalon Studio - Katalon Studio - Katalon Community

Let me quote .gitignore template


Why should be include files under the Libs directory other than those which match TempTestCase* and TempTestSuite* ?

  1. The Libs/internal/GlobalVariables.groovy file is important. This file stores GlobalVariables which you defined via GUI. I believe you and your team members want to share it.

  2. As the above screenshot shows, in the Libs directory during Test Case and Test Suite execution, Katalon Studio generates a Groovy scripts named TempTestCase* / TempTestSuite*. One test suite execution creates one temp file. If you repeat 100 times then you will have 100 Temp* files there. Messy, isn’t it? Therefore I want to exclude those auto-generated Temp* files.