Let me CLOSE a forum discussion

Just now the following discussion has reached “CLOSEABLE” status:

The original problem was resolved, knowledges exchanged, all of those involved are happy with the discussion. So I want to mark it “CLOSED”. But how?

The feature of closing a discussion is not granted for those involved. It seems that some moderators in Katalon are granted to '‘CLOSE IT’, but they rarely execute it. Therefore the list of Katalon Forum discussions looks full of unresolved issues, none of them closed. It is difficult for the Katalon Experts who are willing to respond to the unresolved issues to find out which issue he/she should look at.

I would request Katalon Team to grant those who are involved capability to CLOSE a forum discussion. Also RE-OPENING capability should also be implemented.



Upvoted. I mentioned this recently to my Katalon contact.


I noticed increasing number of forum discussions that should to be closed.

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let me remind this to Katalon Team.

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Now we are working on the new Forum system.

Is the new system capable of enabling visitors to close discussions?

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This post should be moved to “Site Feedback” category.

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Thanks for your reminder. We’ve moved it to the correct category.

Thank you so much for the feedback.

The ability to close forum topics will be preserved for members with high trusted level (4-leader) and moderators. We’ve already raised some active members to level 4 - forgive us if someone was missed.

I think Discourse allow other members to vote for closing a topic. I will double check it later.

If anyone is interested I encourage you to take a look at this post: