Launching new test stop at "building scripts" state

Hi everyone,
I have recently a issue about lauching my test.

It starts but almost instantly stop at this screen, anyone already encountered this issue ?
I’ve tried to switch Katalon studio version without success.

Same with the runtine engine

Thanx for your support.

PS : log file :
log.txt (85.8 KB)

the log says environment variable home is not set so you need to set the environment variable

this warning is not just about git configuration ?

hey, I am sure about the git configuration as I have never used it before, may be if you fix the environment variable home and send me new log here then I can look into it.

thanx sachinsingh9960 for your support, I set my variable, but I’m still stopped at “building scripts” state.

log2.txt (26.0 KB)


Your data file: C:\logiciels\d…xlsx may be too heavy to load. Please check it and split to smaller parts