Launching Appium Server with args

At the moment i’m automating an app that has WebContext and that I need to use. However, I’m having an issue due to the chromedriver_version in Appium:

I know that the solution is to install Appium with the correct chromeversion (npm install appium --chromedriver_version=“77.0.3865.40”.
The problem is I have several devices each with a different version of Chrome.
I would like to know if there is a way to launch the Appium server with a flag.
If not it would be very useful if you could implement that feature.
That way I could specify the chromedriver path (appium --chromedriver-executable /path/to/my/chromedriver) or use the new flag (appium --allow-insecure chromedriver_autodownload) provided in Appium 1.15.
Besides that flag I already had to skip automating a test due to it requiring the use of the flag (–relaxed-security).
Thanks in advance