Launch from Octopus Deploy/Get error logs from console

I’m trying to use Octopus Deploy to trigger Katalon automated tests after a build. I’m able to launch the app by making the Octopus service run as a local service account with an interactive desktop. However, after a couple of minutes, Katalon closes and doesn’t generate a report. Since the logs are written to a separate console window from the one that calls Katalon, I can’t see any errors that are generated.

1. If anyone has specifically set up Katalon to run from Octopus Deploy, I’d appreciate any help with that.
2. Is there any way to log errors that Katalon normally writes to the console to a file? Or at least to the command prompt from which katalon.exe was called?

Disregard – Realized that the separate window was because of the way the script was invoking Katalon; saw the error and figured it out.