Launch Browser as Different User


Is there a way to launch a browser as a different user? My organization is building a few web applications that will be using AD authentication in place of a user login page. I will need to test the apps as different users, with different access levels. I haven’t seen anything in the docs that describe how to do this.


Hi @harderd

Is this what you’re looking for:

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Hi Thanh,

Thanks for the suggestion. I don’t think that this will work because I am not looking to use a different chrome profile. I am trying to use a different windows user. Basically I am looking for a way to emulate what happens when you do a Shift+Right-Click on an application and select Run as different user. Like the images below:


I do not necessarily have to do this in Chrome. It could be any browser. I just need at least one where I can run the browser as a different user. Thanks.