Latest 7.4 katalon jsonoutput jsonslurper result changed?

i noticed the result printin at console is different after upgrading from 6.3 to latest 7.4
the JsonOutput.prettyPrint does not supported anymore?

//SQL statement
String dbQuery2 = /SELECT * FROM public.tests where test_id = ‘default’/
//Connect to PostgresSQL, global variable is stored at profile
List results = CustomKeywords.‘test.database.getPostgresSQLResults’(GlobalVariable.dbConnString2 , GlobalVariable.dbUsername2 , GlobalVariable.dbPassword2 ,GlobalVariable.dbDriver2 ,dbQuery2 )

//print the “test_info” column
String testinfo = results.get(0).get(‘test_info’)
println(testinfo )
println(‘Database testinfo response text: \n’ + JsonOutput.prettyPrint(JsonOutput.toJson(testinfo)))

2020-05-08 16:00:05.134 DEBUG testcase.testLine - 4: println(testinfo)
2020-05-08 16:00:05.138 DEBUG testcase.testLine - 5: println("Database testinfo response text:
" + JsonOutput.prettyPrint(JsonOutput.toJson(testinfo)))
Database testinfo response text:
2020-05-08 16:00:05.427 INFO c.k.katalon.core.main.TestCaseExecutor - END Test Cases/Database Test/1-Postgres/testLine

something does not match, the code should print testinfo, however in the log you posted is printing a cartinfo variable.

Can you please match the code executed with the corresponding log? Perhaps you are running an older version of your script?

And please use code formatting when posting code samples and logs

updated the main post.

somehow katalon works on jsonoutput after few tries.