Large logs unable to export into HTML

Hello all,

I have a pretty sizable log file that I would let to get into the HTML format but I fear that it is too large to do so. When I try to export the log file, I am receiving an error from Katalon that states “Unable to export html report (Java heap space)”. I believe the heap space means it is running out of memory. Is there any way to fix or prevent this?

I appreciate the help,

Tyler P.

Just for context purposes, the log file at hand is about 7MB…

In this case, you can increase memory’s size:
1. Open katalon.inf file
2. Change Xmx value (maximum heap size) to be higher value , such as: -Xmx8Gb

For those that this does not work I ended up getting creative after I made the original post and making regex to clear out the log file if you ever so choose to use it in a find & replace in notepad++ or what have you. I made it so it strips everything out besides generated WebUI comments (At least that’s what I needed it for anyway). Run the first one and then the second to get it stripped down to just WebUI comments (unless your comments start with any of the words in the second regular expression!)

1. Preliminary to get just message lines


2.Secondary to remove all message lines that are not actual info comments