KSE's "Delete unused Test Objects" feature reports objects used as Parent iframe


We have used the “Delete unused Test Objects” to tackle some low-grade technical debt, i.e., get rid unused test objects in the Object Repository.

We have noticed that it has indicated as “unused” an object which was used as the parent iframe object for a very popular input box.

Actually we have noticed it after having deleted the iframe object: the next run using the input box was unable to fill the input box, and logged errors saying " Test object with id ‘Object Repository/myFolder/myIFrameObject’ does not exist. ".

Maybe the KSE algorithm did not see that the iframe object was used for some reason specific to our project. Or maybe it’s a bug – in which case, hopefully, there is a minor ticket logged for it.

– Michel

That’s a bug, 100%.

@Jass @duyluong

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