KSE 7.9.0: 'Run from here' is not initiating playback on Test Cases with Assertions

Right-click + Run from here works in KSE 7.8.2 when the Test Case you are running has Assertions - Playback correctly initiates.

However, in KSE 7.9.0, the same test fails - Playback never initiates. The presence of at least 1 Assert Statement in the Test Case you are running is causing the issue. The replication rate is 100%.

Workaround: Delete all Assertions from the Test Case. Save and Retry Play from here. It will then work. Once done, re-add the Assertions and re-save. This is a volatile workaround in that you need to restore all Assertions either from scratch or via copy / paste from another script.

We use ‘Run from here’ quite frequently and noticed the issue shortly after upgrading to 7.9.0. I have Katalon installed on 3 machines in my office. The two that are running KSE 7.9.0 have the problem. The one that is still running KSE 7.8.2 is working fine . . . Run from Here works if the Test Case has Assertions. Thus, the problem has been introduced in 7.9.0.

In KSE 7.9.0, Test Cases that have Assertions can still be run, but only when executed via the Run button or when part of a Test Suite. The problem is specific to Right-Click + Run or Debug from here.

Katalon Studio Version: 7.9.0
OS Version: Windows 10 Pro N Version 20H2 OS Version 19042.746
Browser Version: Chrome Version 88.0.4324.104 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Launch KSE 7.9.0.
2. Open a Project.
3. Open any Test Case that logs into your app.
4. At the top, click Run.
5. Good, playback is initiated. Katalon opens an instance of Chrome and successfully logs into the app. Keep this instance of Chrome open.
6. At the top of the Chrome Browser window, it says “Chrome is being controlled by automated test software”. So far, so good.
7. Open any Test Case that has at least one Assertion. Right-click any line, click Run from Here, click the Chrome browser instance of the current page. See attachments for example.
a. Problem: Playback fails to initiate.
b. Workaround: Delete all Assertions from the Test Case. Save. Retry Right-Click + Run from here. It will now work, playback will initiate.

Expected behavior: Right-click + Run from Here or Debug from here should work regardless of whether the Test Case has Assertions.

As seen in the attachments, we primarily use Assert as the first line of each test case to ensure that a particular Global Variable has a “Yes” value. Then, on the next line, we run a Binary to clear the same Global. At the end of the script, we run another Binary to set the Global back to “Yes”. This way, when there are numerous Test Cases in a Test Suite, each with this logic, if one fails it will be with the Global set to null. The rest of the Test Cases will immediately fail the Line 1 Assertion, because they are expecting “Yes”, and fail within seconds.

So, if Test Case 2 in a Suite of 50 fails, 3 thru 50 will fail within Seconds rather than Hours. This is our way of preventing runaway automation.


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Hi @rommelb,

We can reproduce this issue on v7.9.0 and agree that Run from here will not work if assert statements present. This will be fixed in v7.9.1 that will release in next week.

Thanks for your report


We already released v7.9.1 that fixed this bug. Please upgrade and validate if the issue still occurs.

If you upgrade from v7.9.0, you can use Help > Check for updates… for an in-app upgrade. Learn more.

More details regarding this release, see here.

Happy testing


Confirmed Resolved in Katalon Studio Enterprise 7.9.1. Right Click + “Run from here” is once again working if the test case has an Assertion. Thanks!