KRE - License status

Quick Question - Well more like an issue we have uncovered.We have had some great success in the past week since getting our RE license to run from CML. However, before our thanksgiving break we only assigned 2 of our licenses to two machines the 3rd license we left unassigned because we are not going to use it until later in the month or in January 2020. We notice it when every time we would run from CML we would see the Termination on the test runs… This is what triggered me to look at the license and we uncovered that Katalon Test ops shows we assigned the 3rd RE license, but the thing is, we did not so how did this happen? We should have one RE license available? I have also sent an email to my regional sales manager on this topic??

Could you give me the screenshot of your TestOps screen?. And how many machines did you run CML on?

LL Quality Assurance Automation Team

Now today it shows 3 with 1 left?? It seems to be changing? Yesterday it just showed 3 subscriptions and 3 used, but you can see in the screenshot we only have two machines assigned for the offline licenses, but yesterday machine that starts with “2ab9” was showing up offline and I noticed also it was showing as Online, but we only assigned those two machines for both offline per instruction one machine a piece leaving one license for our MAC set up later this month.

I reloaded the license for the machine I have assigned and loaded that into .katalon and I can now at least run the CML as expected with the tests I have.

However we still need to understand why of the 3 licenses we do have why all 3 show as subscribed when as mentioned we only have assign 2 of those licenses leaving one of them for later this month. That is what we need to solve for… Thank you!

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