Keeping unnecessary options when editing the "Target" field


When you edit the Target field, Katalon Recorder retains all options of the edited data. But in version Katalon began to keep unnecessary options.

For example, this happens if you type some text too slowly, for example, if you enter each character for more than 1-2 seconds. If you enter the word “comment” slowly, then Katalon will save individual parts of this word in the options (‘c’, ‘co’, ‘com’, etc). If you type this word quickly, then there will be no useless options.
In this case, while you are slowly typing, the cursor remains in the Target field all the time. But it would be more logical to expect that Katalon will save the new option only if the cursor has moved out of the Target field, and then returned again (not so now).

I think this behavior can be considered a bug, since the meaning of saving options in a convenient selection of the necessary options, and unnecessary garbage options only lead to the complication of finding the necessary ones and to the growth of the size of the test file.

I also suggest considering the possibility of adding a cleaning of saved options.

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Thank you for you report, we’ll have this in our backlog and it will be fixed in the upcoming releases.

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