KatalonTest Cloud - browser not opening

i scheduled to run a test suite collection and many of the test suites failed beacuse of this error


Hi, can you paste the whole execution log here so that we can have a better sense at what’s going on. Also, it’d be nice to share more about the test suite collection, and do you have test listeners set up to clean up the browsers that you think may affect this?

Here is the execution log for one of those test suites.
ExecutionLog.txt (21.6 KB)

Im not using any test listeners, what would you need to know about the suites collection?
In Katalon test suites are setup to run with headless browsers I was thinking maybe that could affect it somehow cause when I was planning the run in the TestOps I had to select environment there as well, maybe that mixed up something.

Is this problem that occurs predictably or intermittently? Please try to set up the test suite collection in KS to run in non-headless mode and schedule it on TestCloud to see if it resolves the problem. If it does it may help us to narrow down how to reproduce it better!