[Katalon Webinar | NEW series] Test Automation Best Practices: Reuse Test Artifacts & Utilize API

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Dear Katalon users,

Welcome to the brand new Katalon’s webinar series “Test Automation Best Practices”! This series aims to be the community-centered platform that connects the testing community with Katalon experts. Join us, raise your voice and help build a positive learning environment.

In this first episode, we will go through a few practices to:

  • Reuse test scripts for better test management and maintenance: We will go through different techniques for reusing test artifacts and the usage scenarios for each technique

  • Utilize API for effective test execution: We will discuss different ways to utilize API in your test, for example, generating test data before execution or validating test results

Time: 1PM (EST) | Wed, Aug 26 2020

Speaker: Dzung Ngo (VP of Product at Katalon LLC) and Thai Nguyen (Sales Engineer at Katalon LLC)

Hi all,

Thanks for your interest in this brand new Katalon webinar series about Best Practices in Software Test Automation.

Our orientation is to grow the community by hosting more sharing sessions like this, and we would be delighted to have you join us along the way! Were not able to attend? Worry not! Please find the recap video HERE.

Also, please take a look at some of the FAQs/questions asked in the webinar:

Q: How can I reuse the test object across projects?
A: Test Artifacts Sharing - Test artifacts sharing allows you to import and export test artifacts across Katalon Studio projects. These test artifacts include test cases, test objects, profiles, and custom keywords. For more information, please check here.

Q: How to restore the test data after the test has executed?
A: There are some methods.

  • Snapshot Database and Rollback DB
  • Using Web Services / APIs to reset the test data
  • SQL Queries
  • Test in the Separated Test Environment

Q: When I do the API testing, what is the information from the response should I assert?
A: It depends on the test cases and requirements, we often verify for the Response code / Response body / Response header information or Performance.

Q: Can I call the API request from the web test cases?
A: We can create the API test cases in the web project, and Call Test Case. The callTestCase method allows users to make a call to another test case.

Happy testing and hope to see you at the next episode!
Katalon Team

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