[Katalon Webinar] Migrate from Selenium to Katalon Studio: Testing can be done faster, and easier

Dear Katalon users,

From version 7.4.0, users can easily migrate Selenium tests and continue developing them on Katalon Studio without having to start from scratch.

Thousands of testers have migrated their Selenium tests to Katalon Studio since the release of this new feature. The positive feedback and results have encouraged our experts and us to further introduce the functionalities and values of this feature through this upcoming webinar.

You will get to know:

  • The current state of Selenium in the software testing landscape
  • The advantages and disadvantages of testing with Selenium
  • How Katalon revolutionizes testing and alternate for Selenium
  • How to migrate Selenium and Selenium IDE tests to Katalon Studio in 3 steps
    … and more!

Time: 1:00 PM EST | Thursday, Jun 25, 2020

Speaker: Jagmit Singh (Senior Automation Engineer at Innovapost) and May Tran (Business Development Manager at Katalon LLC)

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Hi all,

Thanks for your interest in Katalon webinar. If you were not able to join the event, worry not! Please find the recap video HERE.

Also, please take a look at some of the FAQs/questions asked in the webinar:

Q: What are the supporting locator strategies with Selenium IDE migration?

A: Please check out this docs for your reference

Q: Do we also need to add extra jars in Katalon Studio for using Selenium?

A: For Selenium, please check here.

For Selenium IDE, the answer is No.

Q: Is there any reference/sample project of migrating Selenium IDE project to Katalon Studio?

A: For Selenium, to get started quickly with Katalon, check out our landing page and this docs for the detailed tutorials. For Selenium IDE, please check here.

To request further support, please visit our Help Center for ticket submission or ask our Katalon community.

Q: Can I continue developing Selenium scripts after integrating with Katalon, and re-migrate back to Selenium?

A: Yes. You can continue to develop your Selenium tests after migrating to Katalon by leveraging our flexible test design capability.

If you feel more familiar with Selenium, and decide to continue using it for test development in the future, re-migrating tests from Katalon Studio back to Selenium works well and easily.

Q: I want on-demand demos to see how this feature works with my team’s existing Selenium tests? Is it possible?

A: Sure! Katalon sales team will walk you through all the sufficient capabilities of Katalon Studio and how our solutions can fit into your projects via a 30-min call. Let’s schedule a call.

Thank you again and look forward to seeing you at our upcoming webinars!

Stay safe and Happy testing,
Katalon Team