[Katalon Webinar] Latest Katalon Studio 7.6 Released - See what’s new!

Katalon Studio 7.6 Demo Webinar Recap

Dear Katalon users,

At Katalon, we are progressing towards better solutions to our users’ automation testing adventure, every day. To keep up with ever-changing demands in automation testing, our team has just released the latest Katalon Studio version 7.6. This version features new powerful functions and upgrades that speed up your automated testing process at a more affordable cost.

Join our upcoming webinar to have a better understanding of these new updates with a live demo and Q&A session from our experts.

The webinar will cover the new features and updates as follows:

  • Self-healing mechanism in web tests
  • Override Browser Type and Profile in Test Suite Collection
  • Enhancements supporting Selector Strategies
  • Custom Keyword Browser and Inline-help upgrades

Time: 1PM (EST) | Tue, July 21 2020

Speaker: Dzung Ngo (VP of Product at Katalon LLC), Thai Nguyen (Sales Engineer at Katalon LLC), and Thanh To (Software Engineer at Katalon LLC)


Hi all,

Thanks for your interest in Katalon webinar. If you were not able to join the event, worry not! Please find the recap video HERE.

Also, please take a look at some of the FAQs/questions asked in the webinar:

Q: For Self-healing, when doing image screenshots, can you “scrub” part of the image that may change often?
A: The images being compared are of web elements. You should use a web element with an image that doesn’t change often. Currently, there’s no “scrubbing” available.

Q: Are the element selections specific to the project or specific to each element?
A: The order of locators being tried in Self-healing is project-specific, the particular locators being tried are naturally object-specific.

Q: Has documentation been created in Katalon Docs for these features already?
A: Please check the latest Release Note of Katalon Studio 7.6 for more information

Q: What is the roadmap for Katalon Studio as we see more features being licensed such as Debug?
A: You can check out Katalon Studio Roadmap here.

Happy testing and see you at the webinar!
Katalon Team