[Katalon Webinar] Automated Web UI and Visual Testing - Getting around the obstacles

Recap_Automated Web UI and Visual Testing - Getting around the obstacles
Dear Katalon users,

Coming across challenges on your path to enhancing User Interfaces? What if we tell you we got the valuable insights to help you with the sheer pain of visual defects from top-notch experts?

Join Katalon x AppliTools webinar on March 25 to have a more comprehensive understanding of commonly-faced issues in automated visual testing and useful tips for a brighter view of solving them.

In this webinar, we will uncover:

  • Top 3 problems in automated visual testing
  • How to handle visual testing challenges with our all-in-one solution
  • A live demo and Q&A session

Time: 11:00 AM EST | Thursday, Mar 10, 2021

Speaker: Coty Rosenblath (Chief Technology Officer at Katalon, Inc.) and Anand Bagmar (Quality Evangelist and Solution Architect at Applitools)


Hi all,

Thanks for your interest in our webinar. If you were not able to join the event, worry not! We got you covered.Check out the recap video HERE.

Also, please take a look at some of the FAQss/questions asked in the webinar:

Q: What advantages do Katalon Studio x Applitools have over using Cypress x Applitools for a responsive web application? (e.g. something React based and is used across desktop and mobile devices)

A: Katalon is a more suitable solution to teams that consist of manual and automated testers as it is designed for both audiences. Another point is that Katalon Studio (enterprise package) comes with support service with SLA which is a must for most companies.

On the other hand, Cypress is a powerful open-sourced solution if you’re perfectly capable of writing tests in Javascript.

Q: Is it best to set Katalon Studio to use the Attribute ID as default locator opposed to the xPath?
A: Yes, generally speaking, ID is the most robust attribute, since it’s placed there by the developer for the purpose of uniquely identifying elements.

Q: Is Self-healing, Time capsule and Cross-browser free?
A: Cross-browser and Time Capsule execution is available in the Community edition whereas Self-healing is available in Enterprise version.

Q: What settings do you need to configure in Applitools to capture full page snapshots when running tests across multiple browsers s
A: Please check out this link for your reference.

Hope to see you at the next webinar!
Katalon Team

Dear Katalon Team,

Thank you for this opportunity. I did not find any information regarding pricing of this Webinar - is it free or paid? And if paid, how much does it cost?

Thank you for your reply in advance.


Hi Jana,

Thank you for your interest in Katalon event. For your information, Katalon frequently host FREE webinars and meetups to share product updates and domain knowledge (trends, best practices, methods to overcome challenges in software testing, etc.) for our user community. You can find the announcements related to webinar and meetup on the Forum “Events” category.

This webinar ended yesterday (Mar 25, 2021 | 11AM EST). You can watch the recording here.

Also, if you would like to watch our previous webinars, please check out our playlist. All Katalon-hosted webinars will be stored here.

Thank you for your interest in Katalon products and events,

Look forward to seeing you in our upcoming events.