[Katalon Webinar] Apply AI to Scripting and Executing in Katalon

Will there be a recording?


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@Arsh Could you please create a seperate topic for your issue. The matter your explaining has nothing to do with the title of the topic therefore it will be impossible for people to find this issue in the future.

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I was not sent a link to join the meeting. Anyone else have one?

I guess whoever is in charge of testing the automated email sender should be fired. :rage:

I carved out an hour of valuable time for this. Thanks a bunch. <- that’s “sarcasm laced with contempt” for non-native English speakers.

Please use this link to join us, Russ.
Sorry for any inconvenience may cause.

Total waste of my time. I was promised “Apply AI […] in Katalon” but received zero information about AI.

AI is not interpreting XPath outcomes, it’s called tree-traversal and validation.

AI is not comparing pixels in images. It’s math (perhaps statistical math).

That’s the second time I’ve bought into the hype used for these webinars. Will not happen again.


This was not helpful for me either. I don’t use xpaths and so sitting through how to set up katalon and then how to traverse xpaths was not helpful.

I was looking forward to the Applitools/AI portion, but I have been able to set up Applitools on my own without using the plugin and have been able to work with Applitools directly.

This was not helpful for me.


Yes if you are registered for the webinar you will get the recording by email

Hello Amanda,

If possible can you please share how you were able to integrate Applitools ? I am also looking forward to do Visual Testing using Applitools but haven’t used them before and also new to this Test Automation world.

I am not willing to use the Plugin as it is a paid one, There is another project by one user which is also very helpful but haven’t used it because I read somewhere on this forum that a plugin is coming and now plugin is out which is paid.

My email invite just arrived :roll_eyes:

@Russ_Thomas Did you registered through your organization email ? If not then its an issue with Katalon Mailchimp system. They are treating these emails as Marketing emails and releasing them in different time zones (When there are higher chances that people will open the email ).

Some plugins are not free but the price is quite low. We also published the source code of most plugins as reference materials - you can take a look and build your own keywords.

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see the following post:

… it was posted 1 year ago. I haven’t looked at Applitools at all recently. My code may not work agaist the current Applitools.

Hi there,
I couldn’t attend the webinar and I’ve just received the mail with the youtube link to the recording which unfortunately is not working (unavailable video).
Can someone from the team look into it? I’m really interested in this.
Keep up the good work!

Any idea if there is a possibility to do actions on images on a webpage, from Katalon or AppliTools… ? like how Sikuli does (find an image on a page and click on it, drag and drop and such actions). Today I saw a test function called clickImage and tried it, by adding a test object with an image file, but it does not work.

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Video is now available

I will start working on that tomorrow and see if I can’t get it posted fairly quickly

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A.I. keyword was over hyped and there was none to zero A.I. in presentation. It was more plugin presentation. As we know something is better than nothing.
I would say to Raghav please include A.I. or machine learning not as plugins more as conceptual .