Katalon wait for page to be load

I’ve seen many times that the Katalon script does not REALLY waits until the page or the element is completely loaded and ready to be clickable. Doesn’t matter if I use:

chrome error:
this pages attempted to load appartitr scripts from unauthenticated sources

Are you using smartwait?

Unless at some point in the very far future, every single web page is standardized with the same JS and backend approach, there will never be a silver bullet waitForPageToLoad() that will ALWAYS work. And yes, I’ve seen this with SmartWait as well (it works a lot of the time, but it often comes at the cost of waiting extra time when it shouldn’t :upside_down_face:).

Usually you will need to come up with a unique wait strategy for every single app you are testing, but there are some that can be reused.

So true. I was going to respond with something more in-depth but decided to go the brief route. Now that Brandon has decided to open up this can-o-worms, … :wink:

From 10,000 feet, any notional waitForPageLoad is a black art - you’re a blind man searching for a black box in a pitch dark room …

Once you start to dig in (come down from 10,000 feet) you get to realize, as @Brandon_Hein says, “there will never be a silver bullet waitForPageToLoad() that will ALWAYS work”.

Test engineers MUST learn how browsers work: how they download page elements, how they render those elements, which elements behave dynamically (causing yet more downloads to occur), etc.

When you understand that stuff, you’re no longer a blind man. The pitch dark room is full of light. You’ll notice, suddenly, there is no (never was any) black box.

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@hanansmart07 In my experience I would recommend waitforelementvisible() method but taking into account that the next element to wait to appear should appear always after page sync , for exmple: a button or another object that you are sure that is going to appear after some procesing period of that next page…

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thanks but it"s already enable

thanks everyone i’ve tried one keyword ,and i had a problem in some java scripts which blocked the loading page i resolve it …it works now thank you so much