Katalon version 5.4 test scripts, will it run to latest version 5.10?

I have created test script from version 5.10, however, I need to run the scripts inside the Remote desktop client server. Inside the RDP the version they installed is 5.4 which I could not run due to error null.point exemption. If I upgrade the katalon studio from 5.4 to 5.10 does the test scripts from 5.4 will run smoothly in version 5.10?
Need your feedback ASAP… Thanks!

In my case, no. But I’m a dataset of one - hardly a good sample size from which to draw conclusions.


It really depends on the specificity of your script, i.e what functions you use. If the function is deprecated or removed then the script will fall. The best way is to download 5.10 and test the script. Please note that you can have parallel Katalon Studio versions installed on the same machine, there isn’t really a threat of non-revertibility.


Just be sure your globals don’t use “$”


Thank you for great information.