Katalon ver 5.7 generating lots of iframe in object repository for our application

I have been using Katalon Studio to test our application over last few months.

New Katalon ver 5.7 has been generating/adding lots of iframe in object repository while recording our application. It will be difficult to go through each of them in object repository and unselect the object identifier.

I also used Katalon 5.3 previous version and didn’t face this problem.
After I installed 5.7 I have this as my first challenge.

Comparison Note: I have tested the same form using v5.3 just couple of iframes was generated and with v5.7 150+ iframes is getting generated.

Any guidance/help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

Is there any example we can try?

I don’t know to give you any example at this point outside our application. Will check on with my technical team and get back to you with some information as soon as possible.
Thank you so much for checking in.

Hi Vinh,

Has nobody ever reported this kind of issue earlier? I don’t know or our team doesn’t know which website is using dynamic iframes? Do you know