Katalon - Unable to verify text in read only field

Hey Everyone,

I’m having trouble validating the text in a read only field. I have tried a number of verify web ui commands but none of them appear to provide the desired effect. The one that i would of thought should work is the “Verify Element Text” but the error message says that its only finding empty. I have included below the verify commands i have tried and a screen shot of the field in question. Any ideas?

WebUI Commands Tried:

  1. Verify Element Text
  2. Verify Element Attribute Value
  3. Verify Element Has Attribute
  4. Verify Match (although this doesn’t appear to provide the function i need)


I have also made sure katalon is finding the field, i did an inspect and it is returning the same xpath. Also the error is saying it found it, its just empty.

If your readonly field is an HTML input of type='readonly' then you want:


WebUI.verifyElementAttributeValue(findTestObject('your/object'), "value", "something", 20)

My only concern is, your image doesn’t seem to show an input element (but that could be a styling issue, I guess).


Thanks for this. I will investigate with this command a little more and provide an update. I have been delayed looking into this as i have been back filling another role.