Katalon UI delayed When Katalon Analytics Enabled

I’m currently using Katalon v6.3.3 on Windows. I have been having a strange issue lately when I run test suites inside Katalon, the tests complete in the browser and the browser closes but Katalon is behind and takes a couple of minutes to complete even though the actual testing is done. For example, the test suite I am running has 10 test cases the browser completes and closes but the Katalon UI is still on the 3rd or 4th test case, the test run took 4 minutes but Katalon only finishes after 10+ minutes. Anyone have a similar issue and know how to fix this?

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you can try to tweak a bit the xms and xmx values, give it more resources, in katalon.ini and see if there is any improvement (search the forum and you may find some topics on how to tune katalon memory usage)

I had originally done this, I see it has reverted to the default. I am guessing and update would revert it. Will give it another go thanks.

yeah, when you do an update will allways revert to the (new with version) defaults. hapened to me also. thats why i never do updates any more, always grab/unpack new version in a new location, re-tune etc, so i can have always a ‘last known to work’ version in addition to the latest.

Ok so i figured out whats causing it, it wasn’t the values I increased them and it still happens. Its because I have Katalon Analytics enabled. If I disable it then it works normally.

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Retitled and calling on @devalex88 @ThanhTo making sure you guys have seen this.

There seems to be an issue with Analytics even after Katalon has finished a run and submitted the results. The run in Analytics has not completed, I have to manually set it to complete.

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yep, had this happened to me today, removed katalon analytics integration and everything is good. Thanks for catching this, ill check back here for a fix

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i have a strong feeling that, witn the new KSE approach, the analytics api had some changes

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Experiencing all these issues at my end too :frowning: Thanks for this bug report

Having the same issues.
My tests execution takes ~5minutes with analytics disabled and ~20minutes with analytics enabled. However when analytics are enabled, upon completition the report is not properly uploaded to Katalon Analytics - it’s either not complete, has missing tests or contains 0 test executions.

I’ve tried to disable the analytics and use the katalon-report-uploader-0.0.5.jar to upload my execution report manually. It took ~25seconds and seemed to complete successfully, but Analytics is not showing any new executions.

~1 week ago there were no such problems.

I have this problem with turned on katalon analytics tests are done to me 180 min and turned off 38 min. The problem has been around since yesterday. A quick change in action is needed

Hi All,
I found browser will slow when we enable integration with katalon analytics. When i disable katalon analytics, browser launch back to normally.

i think it because before launch test suite.katalon make connection and then launch browser. it takes time to running test suite. i suggest to make connection with analytics after test suites end not before browser launch.


Since some days, sending informations to katalon analytics degrades performance dramatically.
So i deactivate this option (katalon 6.3.3).

just out of curiosity, are the suite results on katalon analytics giving you shorter times that what studio displays?

Yes same : Katalon 7.0.0Rc2 slows down with Analytic enabled

yes, with integration with Analytics off I have a lot shorter times

Hello all,
same issue here. Test suite collections took hours to run and start. After disabling Anlytics its all good.
Pls fix that i need analytics

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Closing. See Version 7 Katalon Analytics bug collector