Katalon tool gets stuck sometimes

Hi, I have observed that as my project size has increased the tool gets stuck in between and then need to end task and open it up again. Is there some kind of limit to size of project or something like that that will affect performance of the tool.

Thanks in advance.

Perhaps you could give an estimate for the project size?

There a people here with some pretty large projects that don’t suffer from this problem. Perhaps it’s your system?

Hello @Russ_Thomas

I also faced an issue related to this. But my project size is not too large but the Test Suite I was executing was scheduled to run 750 * 2 times. It was going to one URL at a time and doing validations and then to 2nd and so on. While the execution was running I was able to notice that What I am seeing on browser executing is not matching with the logs on Console. Browser was lagging and some times stuck on one step but logs were showing up normally.

Thanks for your observations. Project size is close to 1 GB now. One test suite is set to run 50 times. There is no issue faced during execution but only while making updates and saving the project. While updating sometimes it get stuck and not responding.

[cough] Yep. That’s, uh… pretty big. :astonished:

Observed that Reports folder was contributing much to the size , trying to clear reports and check the stability of project. Also we have lots of variables defined which when accessed only makes the project bit slow. Otherwise it runs fine.