Katalon TestOps

Hi Team

Expecting the below features in Katalon TestOps

  1. Unable to find the Test Suite collection in TestPlan. While configuring/creating the TestPlan, Option to select the Test Suite collection for git project. If it already exists helps me how to find it.
  2. While creating/Configuring a TestPlan in TestOps, In Katalon Command mode->Dropdown for Changing the parameters like browserType and executionProfile, so it makes more flexible for selction of parameters or adding new parameters.
  3. If we buy katalon license, is perfecto plugin will be accessed?

Please help me with the above details.


Hi @puneethm. Thank you for trying our products!

  1. This feature will be available soon. Implementation has been done, and it will take a couple of weeks for integration and deployment.

  2. This is a great suggestion. It has been added to our backlog and will be available soon.

  3. If you were referring to https://store.katalon.com/product/158/Perfecto-Integration, the plugin is free for all Katalon Studio flavors. Keep in mind that you still have to subscribe services provided by Perfecto, as there is no affiliation between two companies.