Katalon TestOps - Invalid credentials when running a CollectionTestSuite in a docker

Hey, hoping someone can assist me on this

I’m facing some issues when trying to execute a Test Suite Collection in a docker:

1.- I’m trying to execute a Collection Test Suite (2 Test Suites inside this Collection set to be executed in parallel), in the terminal the process started and once the docker is built it starts executing the first Test Suite but immediately the second Test Suite fails. then continue with the first test suite until finish it; this happens only in the docker mode execution because when trying to execute the same Collection Test Suite in parallel in my desktop Katalon Studio (on mac) it perfectly works (executing 2 Chrome browsers and finishing both Test Suites).

2.- I’m receiving the Katalon TestOps report when executed Test Suites on my docker, but when ran Collections it didn’t send the report and shows an Invalid credential error message, weird fact is that when is an individual Test Suite it properly sends the analytics report, but when is a collection then it fails because an authentication

Please if someone has any experience with docker + collections


Hi @jmelendez

What version of docker are you using ? Are you using our docker image in:

Please try to use 7.1.2 and see if the problem still persists.

Regards !

Hey @ThanhTo I’m still having the same issue with 7.1.2