Katalon Test Suite format is not able to be consumed by Jenkins HTML Runner


**OS **: Windows 10

Katalon Studio Version : Katalon Automation Recorder 3.2.2

## Katalon Studio logs:

Windows (\config\.metadata\.log): N/A

## Environment (for Web testing)

Firefox, Chrome and IE

## Jenkins Selenium Logs

**Java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to find suite table: **

## Steps to reproduce -

<!-- 1) Open Katalon Automation Recorder 2) Record some tests, save the tests and the suite file 3) Copy these tests and suite file to a Jenkins machine 4) Run a Jenkins build with the task "Run Selenium HTML Tests (selenese)) 5) the following error is displayed in the logs: **Java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to find suite table: ** and this happens for all browsers. I checked the difference between a Katalon suite file and a Selenium IDE and SideeX suite file and there are definitely things different. The automation community will want this fixed as Selenium/Jenkins uses the HTML runner to run these tests in a CI/CD. → **\## Expected Behavior -** Jenkins/Selenium HTML Runner should be able to run these .HTML tests **\## Actual Behavior -** Jenkins/Selenium HTML Runner is not able to play the tests because of the suite.html formatting. Also, Katalon is putting the test steps in the suite file which it should not be doing. The suite file is a list of the HTML tests in the suite and each test.html file has it's own steps. Selenium and Sideex conform to this. Katalon does not and this is causing a huge problem with Jenkins/Selenium HTML Runner **\## Screenshots / Videos**