Katalon test stuck on Running

Katalon test running stuck on Running with all the browser options

Katalon stuck on running

Any clue on how to solve this?

I am using a simple open browser script

Do all browsers do this, or just Chrome?

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All of them

Does it eventually timeout? Is there an error message?

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Nope nothing
It just stays there

Paste the last 10 lines from the console.

The console is empty :frowning:

That’s very strange. I’m going to see if I can get someone else to look at it - but it might take a while.

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* notification subscription message


I passed this thread to my contact at Katalon. He had the developers take a look and their response was “This is a tough issue”. He further said they are continuing to look into it but it might take some time to find the issue.

If you can provide more information about your setup (hardware, operating system, Katalon version, etc) it might help.