Katalon test cases not running in all browsers

Hi Experts,

I have created few test cases. Those run in chrome with no issues but in other browsers test cases are failing saying not able to find element.

Could you please help me on how can i make all my elements working for all ( IE, firefox, edge and chrome) browsers ?

Also , is there any way to apply different identifying method for different browser on same element ?



This is what I want to know as well. Currently I got many testcases working in Firefox, but they don’t seem to work in IE/Edge/Chrome because the object I’m trying to interact with is defined differently.

I came up with a dirty work-around for this, by creating the objects again for the other browsers + some if/else loops. But this is really a pain; my object repository already contains like 300+ objects, I don’t want a multiply of those just for the other browsers.
What I got now: https://i.imgur.com/2utkozp.png

This works, but my report is screwed up when I run it in Chrome because half of the steps “fail”. I want only 1 teststep with different “object checks”. If it can’t find both then ofcourse the step should be marked as failed.

How to approach this? Can someone give us an example how to work with 1 object, but with different use of xpath for the correct browser? Thanks!