Katalon team: Thank you!

I didn’t see a feedback or off topic category, so forgive me for cluttering up the board, but…Thank you. I’m almost at a loss for words but wanted to share my appreciation for what you’ve created.

I’ve been in QA for 15+ years spread out between 3 different software companies. With how quickly the test tool landscape changes, you tend to end up with a prison-style keyring of automation solutions. Plenty of keys that never seem to fit the latest door you are standing in front of.

For the first time in many years, I’ve been able to spend less time researching one-off solutions and more time adding quality to our products. I no longer wince when someone brings up the latest and greatest trend in complicating things. Katalon has given be back time to be strategic with testing.

Again, Thank you to the Katalon team!

Hi Jeff,
Thank you for your compliment. Your message has made our day and encouraged us to make Katalon a better solution for the community. We look forward to your further feedback and suggestions so that we can keep developing the tool.
By the way, we’d love to share your message as a case study on Katalon website, which also helps promote your company.
If you’re willing to help, the marketing team will contact you for further details.
Once again, thanks for supporting Katalon team.
All the best,
Katalon team.

so glad you appreciated the message. I’ll check with our marketing team to get the OK on sharing as a user story.