Katalon studion often crash when edit code


Hi Katalon team,

After I update latest version 5.9.1, katalon studio often crash when i edit some code :sob:.
My environment :
OS : MacOS High Sierra
katalon version : 5.9.1

Please solve this error.


Please have a look at the following posts.

Possibly Katalon Team would require you to share the .log file

## Katalon Studio logs:

  • Windows logs folder:
  • MacOS logs folder: >file:///Applications/Katalon%20Studio.app/Contents/MacOS/config/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.ui.workbench/log


sorry i can’t upload logs file and also can’t copy paste in here


Well, you can attach files to your replies.

Open a Reply editor, click the “upload” button, then a file chooser should open.


As i told before, i can’t upload attachment files

The site said "Sorry, new users can not upload attachment files"

I’ve changed the settings. Is it working on your side now?


Still same


Sorry for the issue. Could you please try again?


katalon_logs.txt (155.9 KB)

This problem ocurred often when debugging and edit code.
Just now katalon studion crash when debugging.


katalon_crash_logs.txt (153.4 KB)

Latest crash with screenshot and logs file