Katalon studion often crash when edit code

Hi Katalon team,

After I update latest version 5.9.1, katalon studio often crash when i edit some code :sob:.
My environment :
OS : MacOS High Sierra
katalon version : 5.9.1

Please solve this error.

Please have a look at the following posts.

Possibly Katalon Team would require you to share the .log file

## Katalon Studio logs:

  • Windows logs folder:
  • MacOS logs folder: >file:///Applications/Katalon%20Studio.app/Contents/MacOS/config/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.ui.workbench/log

sorry i can’t upload logs file and also can’t copy paste in here

Well, you can attach files to your replies.

Open a Reply editor, click the “upload” button, then a file chooser should open.

As i told before, i can’t upload attachment files

I’ve changed the settings. Is it working on your side now?

Still same

Sorry for the issue. Could you please try again?

katalon_logs.txt (155.9 KB)

This problem ocurred often when debugging and edit code.
Just now katalon studion crash when debugging.

katalon_crash_logs.txt (153.4 KB)

Latest crash with screenshot and logs file

Hi everyone, please try out the version 8 which includes a platform upgrade that may help resolve this issue.

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