Katalon Studio Windows Pop Up

Hello ,

My project İs getting error. My research has not yielded results.

1.Click on a text field.
2.Windows file popup pop-up selector.
3.The file is selected and loaded.
But you cannot choose on KATALON windows pop up.

please Help :frowning:

Please take a look at this tutorial.


I looked at this article, but I could not get a solution.
This structure only writes the path of the file in the input field.
Does not load the file.

Hi @emine,

I have faced a similar issue in the past, where I had to upload a file from the local directory. I have used the solution you have provided that is to create a custom keyword. the link is Katalon Studio Native Popup Window and Upload File . I am not sure the issue you are facing is similar to this one.


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Hello @neethu73

I’ve already created the article that you provided. After solving this problem, I created the solution. I have no problem with this problem. Thank you for your interest. But I’ve already solved it as a clue.
Yours truly