Katalon Studio vs Android 8 and 9?

Appium only mentions Android support for 4.2 and higher in their release Notes.
According to the docs Katalon Studio only supports Android versions till 7.x.
What does this mean?
How does this compare to Android support in Appium 1.8.1?

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Hi @mdmmzm,

Appium has supported Android P (Android 9) at release 1.8.0 that means you can run your test on the current lastest Katalon Studio version.

Katalon Studio announced official support only Android 7.x or earlier that means all Mobile features, keywords were tested carefully on Android 7.x devices.

Btw, we will official support Android 9 at v6.2.0 release.


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Thank you for the quick reply!
When will 6.2.0 will be released?

@mdmmzm Maybe next month, v6.2.0 will release after v6.1.3 and v6.1.4.

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@duyluong Thank you for the answer.

How about the support for Android 10 and 11.
Are these versions supported too or not?

Hi Raghu,

We are supporting Android up to 9x version.
You can find all the detail here https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/supported-environments.html#mobile